An important process in which Mantra HR has lent its expertise is payroll processing. We understand the importance of having a solid payroll process in place, especially for mid-sized and large industries where the employee count is high. We provide our immaculate services in creating a whole procedure which we implement on behalf of our clients.

Our payroll process is quite meticulous to assure you unmatched quality and security. Handover your payroll responsibilities to us and we will take care of the rest.

The Payroll Process

You, as our client provide the attendance sheet of your employees and one time details of each employee. We as your payroll partner sort the data thoroughly and process the salaries; this procedure is done very carefully taking into account all the paid leaves, unpaid leaves, bonuses, tax deductions, provident fund, ESIC, etc for each employee. Once the salaries computation is done, you only have to sign the salary check. We also ensure that all the statutory compliances are followed strictly for a hassle free payroll process.

Now, you may wonder if all this information is secure. The answer is a resounding YES! We have a three tiered security system. All the information provided by our clients remains confidential and secure. The data is stored in such a way that the authorized person can access it; it is password protected. This procedure is strictly applied and adhered to.

Value-Added Services

Another quality service that others fail to provide is a dedicated Customer Service Helpline. If any employee has any query about his salary, or any other issue, all they have to do is call a toll free number any time and we will resolve all their issues. Also, the complete salary details will be given to the employees on time. This creates a good working relation between our clients and their employees.

Hassle-Free Process

The most important factors we critically follow are the Government and Legal bindings. We understand how important it is for companies to be in the green and on the right side of law. Our experts have complete knowledge of the legal and governmental processes so that you can enjoy hassle-free payroll process.

The whole payroll process time is reduced by a huge margin; we are able to do this as we use some of the best available software. The whole processing time is most minimal in which the task is completed. MantraHR has been handling pay processes for many of our clients, and we pride ourselves in doing an immaculate job.

Cost-Effective Services

By trusting us with your payroll process, you will substantially reduce your costs as manpower required for this job goes down, and you make further be savings as MantraHR provides these services at the most reasonable prices. We know the importance of providing great services at affordable rates. All companies out there are looking for it and we provide the best of both worlds; cost saving and great service.

You are kept in the loop throughout the process. Prepare yourself to have good employee relations once you pick us for your payroll process.