As a leading Human Resource service provider our main objective is to provide our customers efficient, punctual, timely, and qualitative manpower services through our highly qualified, motivated, dedicated, and experienced professionals who will work as a team in your success story.

Our mission is to be a bridge between the employee and employer. Our long professional experience helped boost our confidence to face any kind of challenges in this industry. We are fully aware that a relationship build on trust always lasts longest and benefits all. We wish to become a part of your success story and not being just a Manpower Recruiting Agency. We assure you of our honesty and trust. Going by our envious record track of accomplishments and our ever growing list of prestigious and satisfied clients, we are confident that you too will be happy to have us in your family.

As a first step in our familiarization process with you and your Organization, we would like to meet you personally, at your convenient time and date to understand each others strengths and concerns and find common areas to work together.

The Services which we provide are as follows :

  1. Recruitment
  2. Pay Roll
  3. HR Functions & Policies
  1. RecruitmentWe are capable of handling all the stages of recruitment from analyzing a job till the last stage which is induction of the new candidate into an organization and explaining to the candidate the procedures and policies of the organization.Fee Clause: The fee for the assignment would be based on Gross annual CTC offered to the selected candidate according to their experience structure & the Service Tax as applicable. Experience Structure is mention below:ExperiencePercentageUp to 10 Yrs8.33 %Above 10 Yrs12.50%Replacement clause: The Mantra HR Management Pvt. Ltd. would provide the replacement guarantee of the candidate for Three (03) months but only if the assignment fee for the candidate is paid by the client for recruitment of the candidate. The proper justification has to be provided by the client at the time of replacement.Payment clause: The Company will pay the assignment fee after the joining of the candidate. All payments are to be made, after deduction of the applicable tax deduction at source within 30 days of joining of the candidate.
  2. Pay RollIt is absolutely imperative that an organization ensures timely and appropriate disbursing of payments to its employees to maintain their motivation level. As employees are the back bone of any organization and their interest needs to be fulfilled. Hence Pay roll processing has its own importance.Fee Clause: We provide the Payroll processing services at the cost of …. total dispatched amount of salary (plus the Service Tax as applicable) per month which includes regular deductions like PF, PPF, PT, LIC, Creation of Pay Slips, Salary advances, overtime wages & any type of fines or deductions.In case any additional modules required as per customize deductions we will charge you an additional per employee per month per customize module like ESI, Income Tax, Incentive structures, Bonus, History of Employees etc.
    • The Mantra HR requires 3 days as processing time.
    • The payment for the service should be made within 10 Days from the submission of invoice.
    While pay roll processing we provide following services:
    • Payroll Processing
    • Reimbursement Processing
    • Statutory Compliances
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Payroll Helpdesk
    • Enhanced data security
    • Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
    • Employees Provident Fund (PF) & Miscellaneous Provisions Act
    • Professional Tax
    • 24X7 work approval
    • Maternity Benefits Act
    • Pay slip Distributions
    • Similar other Regulations as applicable for the establishment
  3. HR Functions & PoliciesWe have been serving several global organizations with our streamlined HR solutions. Our human resource management services are designed to help customers reduce cost enhances employee satisfaction and improves the delivery of HR strategies. Over the years, we have been revolutionizing HR management for several companies with our expertise in HR strategy, process redesign, organization change and employee relationship management. As our customer, we will bring the best talent into your organization, manage it and make it grow, so that your company can achieve better performance and profitability.There are numbers of benefits to implementing policies and procedures within your company. A healthy workplace relationship is vital in all business and the implementation of policies will help to achieve this setting certain standards of behavior. Its can increase productivity and moral, help employee retention and also reduce the need for disciplinary and legal action.
    • Policy DevelopmentWe will develop an essential HR policy that includes: Recruitment, Employee Engagement – Discipline Procedure, Code of Conduct, Payroll and Salary Administration, Performance Management and Employee Performance Improvement policies.
    • Employee EngagementThe services offered shall include Orientation and on boarding of new employees which shall include briefing on Company policy, Code of Ethics and Confidentiality policies. We shall also develop a Company Handbook for distribution to employees and providing consultations for disciplinary cases.
    • HR AdministrationWe will effectively manage the HR services of the Client. Each employee shall have their own updated personal folder complete with all the essential employment and performance records. We will issue each new hire with an employee number and badge. We will also prepare and issue all relevant HR documents throughout the employment life cycle which is includes Individual’s Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Performance Appraisals / Salary IncrementHR Management can focus on the strategic dimension of their function. The latest mantra being followed by organizations across the world being – “get paid according to what you contribute” – the focus of the organizations is turning to performance management and specifically to individual performance. Performance appraisal helps to rate the performance of the employees and evaluate their contribution towards the organizational goals. If the process of performance appraisals is formal and properly structured, it helps the employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and give direction to the individual’s performance as follows:
  1. Performance Management System
  2. Goal setting and the action plans
  3. defining key performance indicators
  4. Employee performance Monitoring and feedback management
  5. Incentive and benefits planning and administration
  6. Performance Measurement process towards salary increment System
  7. Measurement of cost to the company on the bases of individual employee contributions
  8. Allocation of next year work plan